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Book reports are more factual and descriptive than personal opinion based. Book reports are informative reports that discuss a book from an objective stance. It is mainly a critique exercise and demonstrates once personal knowledge gained from reading a book. It must reflect your ability to generate new ideas and concept connection gained from reading the book.

Contrary, a book review is a descriptive and evaluative account of a book. It provides a summary of content and an analysis of the structure and at the same time assessing the value of a book and making a recommendation of the book to other readers.

How to write a book report

An introduction that has a clear and strong statement of the topic or the focus issue being written on. It should state the title, author, main character(s) and the main idea. Give a brief summary of the main story or plot. The best way to conclude the introduction is with a thesis statement that outlines the author”s message.

The body consumes the largest portion of the book report. This should provide a chapter by chapter analysis of the book and discuss the major issues and relate to the lecturer”s assigned text. It should show how the theme is supported through the text of the story.

The last part is the conclusion. Restate your opinion of the author”s message in a topic sentence. Use transition words such as ”therefore” in your conclusion. Some people consider it important to re-state the name and author of the book.

Key points to consider when writing book reports:

– Be open minded and very objective. Have an aim in your mind, a point of vie you want to pass on or argue out.
– Read the book more than once to get a clear understanding. As you are doing so, keep an eye on key issues that are bought to your attention from the book. Try to find further information about the author that is relevant to the book you are writing a report on.
– Highlight relevant information by placing a mark on the relevant points. Anything that catches your attention should be highlighted.
– Develop an outline. This is to help highlight possible themes or different approaches to your objective.
– Draft your ideas in paragraphs and give a topic sentence to each paragraph. This should be chronological to help develop your book report.
– Review your draft , re-arrange where necessary and replace any sentence or word that does not quite fit. Review once more to see whether the report flows.
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